BRICSAdvisors offer our clients and projects the most comprehensive and complete grid of services and capacities, which are required to effectively and speedily enter into the many opportunities offered by the BRICS initiative.

The capacities in terms of relationship networks, industry involvements, physical infrastructure and related relationships, intellectual property and management team expertise have been assembled though our direct enterprise and project involvements in over 60 countries over the last twenty years.

Enterprises, projects and initiatives, large and small, are all able to be accommodated by the BRICSAdvisors approach of tailoring services and support relationships to the specific needs of each client or client ecosystem. Whilst many of the services and capacities are supplied on an in-house basis, many are also sourced from associates and business partners who present the best-of-breed available in their niches.

BRICSAdvisors is modelled and managed on the basis of our own experiences, obstacles and difficulties that had to be negotiated in doing business in many countries and cultures around the globe. The practicalities of cultural and governance orientation, enterprise and project establishment and the related procurement challenges, are mere examples of the major challenges and requirements BRICSAdvisors assist clients with.

Our approach is one of presenting a one-stop service and support destination for doing business in BRICS and related countries, specifically in Africa and also Central South America.

One-stop service hub for localisation, business support, project-specific services, media and ICT capacities, research and intelligence, and general management consulting.

Cores are compliance and governance management, mobile technologies, renewable energy, agriculture and engineering, project management and consulting.

Projects are supported from inception to maturity, and support services tailored per client and/or project. A variety of involvement and fee/funding options are accommodated.

We act not only as a support hub for clients and projects, but also for service and other capacity providers. So let us have your corporate profiles or resumes, proposals or invitations…

















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